Eficaz Capital Oy is a Finnish capital management company, founded in 2008. The cornerstone of our business is to conduct business as profitably as possible. For Eficaz Capital, correctly set and clear objectives are key to achieving results in an efficient manner.

The founder of the company, Pauli Hentunen, has over 20 years of experience of working in real estate in the Helsinki metropolitan area and other regions in Finland. Hentunen has also gained experience by working in the Spanish markets in recent years. He also has a strong grasp and knowledge of marketing and sales, utilising his skills to create advantages for several startup companies in their development.

Currently, Eficaz is focusing its resources on providing consultancy for growth companies facing marketing, sales and financing challenges while also operating in various property development projects.

Our extensive network of partners allows us to provide the most efficient service possible across our areas of expertise.